Red’s Bio

As a small child, Leslie Wise spent endless enchanted hours of her childhood exploring and nurturing her propensity to draw, paint, sculpt, and create. Sometime before she was handed her high school diploma, but after she gained the nickname “Red”, Leslie thought about her future. During this process, the tedium of impending adulthood and a deep (albeit misguided) respect for practicality turned the lights out on the right side of Red’s brain.

Whether it was the promise of a well-paying job at the end of the tunnel, or the $1.50 Almost Anythings on Tuesday nights in Lawrence that kept her sane, Red earned her Chemical Engineering degree, lifelong friends, and an undying love for KU Basketball upon graduation in 2006 from the University of Kansas. She then moved to Houston to begin her seemingly bright future as a number in Corporate America.  After being laid off in 2009, Red knew she was faced with an opportunity to change the course of her career. She decided not to reenter the engineering industry and moved to Austin to change the future of our youth, via basic linear equations. As a public high school math teacher, Red’s right brain started feeling around for the light-switch. She  started taking time to indulge her desire to create.

Upon her commitment to make her long-lost love of creating art a more permanent part of her life, Red felt all of her cerebral lobes light up. She currently lives in Sacramento and is thrilled to be in a community and family that treasures and inspires artistic inclinations, and provides majestic landscapes to motivate her. While she doesn’t always find as much time as she’d like in front of a canvas, listening to podcasts as she paints, she’s trying. No matter what, she’s glad to be navigating the sometimes uncertain, usually surprising, and always fulfilling, path of life as an artist with a happy spirit and bright-eyed perspective of everything around her.

When she’s not working or painting, it’s probable you’ll find Red doting on her extroverted pup, Slugger, and her warmhearted husband, Eli. They all three like to check out nearby restaurants, go on runs through their neighborhood, and escape to the mountains for hiking and playing in the snow as often as their schedules allow.

10 responses to “Red’s Bio

  1. Hi Red! It seems as though we’re kindred spirits. You’ll never regret the decision to bring art into your life. Your work is amazing! I just followed your blog and I’m super excited to join you on your “trans-cerebral adventure”.

    • Thanks, Rachel! It is so comforting to know there are people out there just as crazy and willing to take that leap as you are. I’m learning so much from absurdly talented people such as yourself, and can’t wait to see how this journey goes!

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