540º Around the Calendar

Dear People who forgot to unsubscribe from an inactive blog, I’m sorry for the abrupt post. Now that 6 full seasons have passed (and countless shows on Netflix have been consumed in their entirety) since my last effort to put words and pictures to my feelings and goings-ons, I almost called it quits on RedsPaintings.com.

But alas, I did not, so here I am.

Quick Life Update of the former artist (and currently trying to reclaim that designation) known as Red:

😀Got Married

😀Moved to California (Specifically, Sacramento)

😐Painted a little

☹️Stopped Painting


😀Celebrated 1 Year of Marriage

😀Counselored at Manitou Experience for 4th year

😐Turned 32

😀Started Painting again!

As you can see, I have been busy mainly not painting. Part of that is good–I was able to keep my Austin job doing a variety of things for CORT’s Online Business Development, and am working remotely from home, so that has filled much of my weekday schedule. Hooray for having a [paying] job! And one where every now and then I get to use Photoshop and Illustrator? Even better. Slugger is enjoying having company during the day, too. Not that he’s needy or anything.

Anywho, the reason for this post is that I’ve finally picked those paintbrushes back up. I’ll mention this renaissance is happening just in time to get derailed by the busy season in our home (we moved so that my husband, Eli, could be the world’s best Race Director for the California International Marathon, which is December 6). But, today felt good!

So without further ado, here are some of the fruits of the past couple weeks:

photo 3-10Above, a scene from our honeymoon in Redwood National Forest! Bewildering trees, beautiful views, and Dale’s Pale Ale. Married life has treated us well. This was followed by a stint in Bend, Oregon, a majestic tour around Crater Lake National Park, and an enchanting few days spent laughing and crying at Elizabethan humor and drama at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. And we made it happen before our 1st Anniversary. (Barely.)



Here’s what all the busyness is about! When the gun fires for the start of the CIM and the runners take off, all of Eli’s hard work is set in motion. This painting was an attempt at moral support while he clocks some pretty insane hours making sure it goes off without a hitch.



And today, inspired by the Balloon Release we do with the Lower Campers at Manitou Experience (#HoorayForMetaphors), I painted this colorful scene. This will be on its way to NYC once it is framed to be a part of Experience: Art, an art fundraiser for Experience Camps. Painting for money is certainly nice, but painting for a cause gives me goosebumps. Poor, fiscally conscious, and tightly budgeted goosebumps, but goosebumps nonetheless!

And just so they have a place to go, here are some of sketches from 2014 before the bulb in my brain burned out:

Free swim at Manitou Experience. Check out this incredible organization (and donate!): manitouexperience.org.

Free swim at Manitou Experience. Check out this incredible organization (and donate!): manitouexperience.org.

photo 3-9 photo-10



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