Smiles last forever.

Five years ago today, the world lost a sparkling soul. My mother had a smile that beamed, and it never faded. It still dazzles long after her dying day in the memories of those who had the privilege of knowing her. Since I’ve been attempting to give credit where credit is due for my artistic appreciations in some of my posts, she must be included. I was adopted into a self-proclaimed unartistic family, but my mother nurtured and encouraged my drive to create. My childhood was filled with wonder by way of pen and paper, and I have her to thank for fostering the tools I now use to relate to the world today.

Today, while it could be very sad, has not been. It has been full of reflection and thankfulness. How lucky I am to have had 25 cherished years with a woman who loved and raised me with her entire heart and soul.

I started this last week, and continued it today, adding color and life to my mother. I spent this afternoon reveling in every curve of her smile, full of gratitude.





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