We have returned from our jaunt to Iceland by way of Washington DC! Both stops were extraordinary.

In DC, it was a dreamlike to sit on the steps of the National Archive and see my birth mother, Laura, walk up to me. We shared a hug, smiles, and then a wonderful night of conversation. It could not have been a more peaceful evening. The theme was surely how incredibly lucky and ideal our situation is. All the moving parts of three decades came together and created two happy people who are beyond thrilled to now be a part of each others lives. The unwavering support of my sister and father made this experience even better, and thank-yous were issued all around. It was a dream come true! Here we are, all smiles and red hair:



In Iceland, I was greeted with a whole different kind of warmth: Geo-Thermal! The temperature wasn’t too bad, but the whipping wind can send some serious chills. However, whenever you walk back into the indoors, a rush of clean heat is ready to embrace you and un-numb your fingers. My future in-laws, Larissa and Mark, showed us a fabulous time! I got enough pictures and inspiration to write a book on this trip, so now my main goal is to keep the brushes moving! After our return, I wasn’t quite ready to get back to the cityscape I started before we left, so I did a quick study of a beer picture I took. These brews that warmed us from the inside out came after a thorough tour around Reykjavik, seeing some amazing sights and landmarks in the downtown area. Still might do some cleaning up on this piece, but here’s what I got so far:



5 responses to “Warmth

  1. Hi Leslie – It is Jessica (Hooten). I love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful paintings. Just wanted to say hi. Also, it is pretty amazing seeing the picture of you and Laura; you look so much alike! Anyway, just wanted to drop in and let you know I’m reading 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Jessica!! You made my day with your kind words. Hope all is going great for you–from the looks of it, motherhood is treating you very well :). Great to hear from you! (Maybe sometime we can get together when I’m up in DFW visiting my sister and dad!)

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