After finishing my last painting (Amarillo Cowboy), I wanted to keep the momentum going, so I quickly started painting a scene that has entranced me ever since I saw it. It’s a picture from Larissa, my soon-to-be in-law who is learning Icelandic in Iceland, and doing a phenomenal job of it (I’ve linked before, but her blog is absolutely worth a look-see!). I’m far from done, and had a very common-to-me experience with this painting, where I was really liking the way it was going at the beginning, and then the more I painted, the more I felt it looked like the work of a 2nd grader (no disrespect to 2nd graders). So here’s the progression of what I’ve got so far. photo 2 (3) photo 3 (1) photo (2) photo 1 Cross your fingers that I’ll be happy with the finished version, and if I am, it will certainly be posted here. If you don’t see it soon, then I either hate where it continued to go and cracked it over my head in a fit of frustration that is no stranger to a struggling artist, OR, I didn’t finish it before our TRIP TO ICELAND!!!

Yep! We have booked our tickets for our long-awaited journey to that fairy tale island where Larissa took her (to me, at the moment) infamous photo of her magical view out of her window. Eli and I will be visiting them later this week, with a stop in DC where I will meet my birth mother. I can’t think of Laura without thinking of art and everything it has come to mean to me. I’m so incredibly excited for these latest developments, that I had to share with the rest of the blogosphere. The coming weeks will surely be rich in love and new memories, and I’m looking very forward to it all!

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