An Amarillo Cowboy and a short drive down the rambling highway in my mind.

20" x 16" Acrylic on Canvas

20″ x 16″
Acrylic on Canvas

This old soul is finally finished up. (And I am yet again reminded that I need a better camera. Ugh–it’s blurry!). In any case, this piece was great fun, and I’m getting more and more fond of big broad brush strokes. This fellow will be on his way to a friend of a friend for a dear mother’s 70th birthday. Always honored to help with a special gift for someone.

As for those bigger and broader brush strokes I mentioned… If you’ve looked at my stuff in the past few months, there’s been a definite change from strictly realism to something more painterly and less meticulous. I can’t imagine ever straying too far from an impressionistic approach (and as of now, I certainly always intend to stay in the realm of representational art), but I like the move that is gradually being made lately from tight to loose, but not any less deliberate. This changing style, however, is making my next goal/task of presenting my art (either to a restaurant, graduate art program, or [hopefully] someday to a gallery!) all the more daunting, as I feel that I still lack a unified look to my current body of work. I peek up at the paintings I have hanging (out of necessity to avoid being stacked–they are accumulating for sure!) in my studio, and they all look like they are by different artists. On one hand, I’m happy about that–I get bored with too much of anything and what’s the problem with being versatile? But on the other, that’s not really a good way to become recognized in any art circle, large or small. Rather than stress any more about it, I guess I should probably just get back to painting. Thanks for listening…

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