A Painting and a Couple of Keepers

I’m happy to report that I’ve ushered in the beginning of a brand new decade with an absolute minimum of emotional distress and a surplus of happy happenings. The most relevant news post-milestone-birthday to this blog is the completion of my most Austin-y painting yet:

24" x 18"

A spray-painted colorful Madonna (found on the wall behind the glorious Pacifico)? Yep: Austin! These beautiful depictions are found around the east side of town, and I love the bursts of colors and the style that really, to me, exemplifies Austin art. And since nothing makes a composition more Austin-y than adding a beer, that’s what I did for my piece. This painting was inspired by a a visit to Rio Rita’s–a great outdoor patio in the heart of “East Sixth”. (Also, I’ve searched long and hard for the artist behind these lively Virgin Mothers, and have come up empty handed–if you have any idea, please let me know!)

The other (and much more macro) happenings that this landmark birthday initiated were more personal, but since I’ve never shied away from that…here they are in no particular order:

First, someone asked me to marry them! And it turns out, this someone is exactly the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, so it was an easy answer (Yes!). To relate this to Red’s Paintings a bit,  it should be known that Eli (the aforementioned person who asked me to marry him) played a major role in helping me decide to take art more seriously. I’m forever thankful for him! While our friends and family all gave us such a tremendous show of support (thank you!), a particular friend pointed out that he couldn’t decide if he was more happy for US, or that our awesome hyphenated name was officially on its way to being official: Eli’s an Asch, I’m a Wise, together we’re just a couple of Wise-Asches.IMG_0940

Second, the (almost) Wise-Asches have adopted the doggone cutest pup that Austin Pets Alive had to offer. As a result, the past week and a half has seen a decrease in my painting, but a massive increase in tail-wagging and command recognition by the newest Wise-Asch: Slugger. A real mutt’s mutt, Slugger will no doubt inspire some kitschy pet portraits in the future. He’s pretty cute and has only gone to the bathroom in the back of my car once.

Feast your eyes on my two keepers:keepers

5 responses to “A Painting and a Couple of Keepers

  1. Congratulations on everything (including your big birthday that came to pass)!! I too turn 30 and became engaged this year and could not be happier about either of these things. 30 means so much more knowing I am on the right path with a supportive friend whom I was lucky enough to fall in mutual love with. I know your happiness.

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