Swinging Naked

Watch That Sunburn

Ever feel like you want to tear off your clothes and go swinging? Me neither, really. My latest commission, however, pushed me in that direction when I was tasked with painting a “fun and whimsical” naked plump lady. When skin is bared in paintings, it usually looks so serious, so given the conditions of my assignment,  I wanted to make sure my subject provoked more chuckles than it did deep thoughts. Being on a swing has always elicited a carefree feeling for me, so that’s where I took this lady.

Technically speaking, this painting was another great practice in working from my imagination rather than a photograph. (If you Google “naked portly ladies” you don’t generally get images you want to paint. Certainly not “whimsical” ones.) Whenever I paint without a reference, I’m always reminded how much I take for granted when I’m using something in front of me. Shadows, colors, proportions…they all become so tricky and I second guess myself more than I paint at the beginning. As this composition came to life (and it was my second attempt on this canvas), though, I could feel myself getting more confident with my decisions. As ideas come that don’t have a tangible model, I hope to get a lot more practice at using my the inner images of my INFP brain, and this was a fun project to encourage those gears to move.

Happy Hump Day, guys!

PS: Please forgive the low photo quality…I’m researching some professional scanning solutions and/or better camera options. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

2 responses to “Swinging Naked

  1. Oh, my oh my, how I chuckled when I saw this. Mission accomplished. Your plump dame (I wouldn’t necessarily say fat, but certainly ample…) looks like she is having a ball. And while I’m not terribly overwhelmed with an urge to swing naked either, she does look like she’s having an excellent time.

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