Swing of Things

After several long and hot summer months filled with weddings, trips to see family and friends, a move (a whole 3 blocks away), and a fantastic camp-counseling experience (visit ManitouExperience.org for more info), I’m staying put for a bit and am ready and raring to paint. Although I feel like these past few months have been squandered in the Red’s Paintings realm because of the complete lack of pretty paintings to show, I think the time away from my easel was very helpful in solidifying and organizing projects that were somewhere in the folds of my brain. My list of things to do is tangible and relatively long, which is exciting! On the docket are a couple commissions, some wall painting, and illustrations for a parody of favorite children’s book. Not only have I been out of practice for months, as a result of the move I’m working out of a new studio. So to get settled in my new space before this list became too daunting, I wanted to start off with something small and relaxing. I hope you enjoy! Cape Cod Scotch

6 responses to “Swing of Things

  1. Beautiful! So many ideas and not enough time. I know the feeling… my summer blew by as well and I haven’t accomplished half of what I wanted to this year. On the other hand, to be a good artist, you have to live life, too, right?

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