Slowly, but Surely

Early spring weather in Austin is not conducive to writing; please excuse my lack of updates!

Even though I haven’t been writing, the past few weeks have seen several [small] steps in the right direction. The

first, and most exciting, was that I had my very first sale! A gentleman in Tennessee was so fond of my painting of the pond that he ran across on Etsy, that he bought it! Knowing that something I created was appreciated  was exhilarating and  certainly motivating. The catch: I had just given this painting to my father and failed to un-list it in my shop. Fortunately, he was understanding and (after promising to replace it) swiftly got it back to me so that I could make a very happy first customer.

The second baby step, was an appearance in my first juried exhibit. My fantastic teacher offered me the opportunity to enter my Lake Austin plein air painting into the ACC Student Exhibit. While being in a show was thrilling enough, winning 2nd place made the experience all the more fantastic. It was an oddly nervous, exciting, and voyeuristic feeling  sneaking looks at people looking at my art. One that I hope to get more used to in the future!

The third, and possibly most important, is that I really am starting to feel more disciplined and useful with my time. I am back to substituting for some extra cash-flow, and my time at home and in my class has become incredibly precious. Below is a peek at a few things I’ve been working on–they are almost done, but a few finishing touches are still needed!

Here, a painting of the giant granite dome that emerges from the Earth near Fredricksburg, TX. Otherwise known as Echanted Rock:

Enchanted Rock-Almost Done

This one was inspired by a trip to Washington DC a couple years ago. It took turn (and possibly made an unwitting comment about the sequester?) after taking a suggestion from Professor Clemens:

Some TBD Statement about the Sequester

And here, the bright summer umbrellas that I started long ago, and that have given me many headaches  since then in an effort to get it just right. Definitely still a work in progress…

Summer Umbrellas-Almost Done

And here a couple of studies from my class:

Master Muse Study 2 Master Muse Study 1

With the dazzling sunshine and the school-year-end just around the corner, my mind, eyes, and hands have felt a sense of renewal and commitment to this adventure. As you can tell from above, I’m still enjoying playing around with different types of compositions and painting styles. I sometimes feel that I am creating an almost entirely inconsistent body of work*, but hopefully the more I create, the more a unifying style will emerge. We are long ways from that, but the road there has been alright so far.

*Perhaps a by-product of the vast range of music I enjoy while I paint. One day it will be One Direction, the next George Straight (with lots of other, more hip selections in between–I promise!)

9 responses to “Slowly, but Surely

  1. I know exactly how you feel with a first juried exhibit and a first sale on Etsy. I hope you have many more exhilarating moments. Don’t worry about the experimentation with style – you will see that your eye and hand have some sort of communication that is uniquely yours. Happily, I also sold a painting on Etsy last month so maybe something good is happening out there in art appreciation.

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