The Week in Review

Scotch and Cribbage

16″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas

“Scotch and Cribbage” is complete, and as the annual SXSW Festival gets underway (for me the marker of the end of “winter” here), I know I will be summoning this cozy, cold night many times as the mercury rises for the next 6 months.

In addition to finishing this piece, I started another project. My latest inspiration came from a memory that I was reminded of by Larissa, the best girlfriend-in-law anyone could ask for (and happens to be mine!). While I was trying desperately to find winter in Austin, Larissa was thinking warm thoughts as she braves her first Icelandic snow season. (She is there doing some incredibly interesting and impressive work–read all about it on her blog: Eth and Thorn.) Anywho, the memory that she reminded me of was eating sinfully creamy ice cream underneath fantastically colored umbrellas on a bright Maine summer day. Here’s my beginning attempt at capturing the carefree quality of that sunny afternoon:

20" x 30"

20″ x 30″

It is the biggest canvas I’ve worked on to date, and I’m really enjoying the space. I hope you do, too!

6 responses to “The Week in Review

  1. I just love the “girlfriend-in-law” coinage! I cannot offer an Icelandic equivalent, but there’s a close one, which amused me for its specificity: a “svilkona” is one’s husband’s brother’s wife.

    And btw, you are the best girlfriend-in-law I could wish for, too!

    • I love a language that values specificity, and what a great word regardless.

      I look forward to enjoying the best girlfriend-in-law visits soon in Austin/Iceland/Wherever and thank you for all your encouragement and support!

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