Experimental Breakdown

After a relaxing pause from creating over the holidays, it is time to get back to the drawing board. While I wasn’t behind my easel, or sketchbook for that matter, I was busy exploring and getting more acquainted with what other artists are doing to promote and add intrigue to their Etsy shops, blogs, etc. It’s been very informative (Heather McCaw had some useful insights on getting started with an art career) and I’ve come across some lovely minds (see my blog roll to see where I’ve been and where I plan on being more!). However, it has also been overwhelming! The path I’m on is very uncertain in regards to so many things: Will people like my work? Will I like my work? What will “my work” actually be? (Many more questions have raced through my head, but I won’t inundate you with very thinly veiled pleas for reassurance.) I’ve scoured around the Etsy Universe extensively, and still know I have only just begun to see all the marvels to see there. There are many successful fine art sellers on there, but this surface scratching has also opened my eyes to additional items that are more affordable (prints/cards) and “crafty” (illustrations/doodles/kitsch). While finally deeply appreciating the transcendence I feel behind an easel [especially while listening to 80s music in my sweatpants] caused me to look closer at making this career move a reality, I am open to the possibility of less-traditional art that still brings delight to those eyes that find it. The kettle bell was a dabble in this, and the “intense” wall that will accompany will certainly be a stylistic and sheer square footage expansion for me. Inspired by Etsy finds, I also played around over the holidays with my more illustrative side by making a hang-able keepsake for my darling nieces’s room:

12" x 12"  Pen and Watercolor

12″ x 12″
Pen and Watercolor

I’m going to end this slightly rambling post about my rambling with the moral of the story: There are lots of opportunities out there and I am at the same time freed and smothered by them, but I’m excited to be where I am (surrounded by and considering all these options and paths in the art world),  and looking forward to where I’m going.

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