Ring My [Kettle] Bell

Last night I got paid for doing something I love for the very first time. A couple of weeks ago, I was connected with Jessica at Austin’s CrossFit and Fearless. She was looking for an artist to paint a kettle bell for her gym, and I was looking for any project to start my professional career, no matter how small! We worked together through a series of sketches and ended up with a Fit and Fearless kettle bell we were happy with.  While the glorious taste of the Italian food I got with my commission helped to affirm my decision to make art more than a passing hobby, the best part about this little project is that it has led to my next BIG project! In the New Year, I will be painting a 25′ x 10′ WALL at their gym. I’m extremely excited to conquer those bricks and committed to giving them a wall that is as fun, edgy, and intense as their workouts. (And if you are unfamiliar with Crossfit, intense is an understatement.)

While “intense” is most certainly not a descriptor you’d put on much of my previous work, I’m stoked to have an opportunity to expand my stylistic horizons on my very first mural. If this goes well, I may have to talk my sister into making a canvas out of my niece and nephew’s bedroom walls… In any case, you can be sure I’ll be giving updates all along the way!

Here are some sketches and the kettle bell from the project:

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